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Adomaa is the quintessential GhaNigerian. She was born to a Nigerian mother and a Ghanaian father. She was named Joy Onyinyechukwu Adomaa Serwaa Adjeman. She sprouted in Nigeria and developed in Ghana.

She waltzed into music, loved it, shared her fruits online, and fame embraced her. She blew up and she loved it. Soon, the music and the lights and the fans weren’t so satisfying after all. It all went dark. Adomaa went on a hiatus to gather herself together.

She’s back, this time with also a movie and a message. Adomaa will be visiting AUCC to talk to Communications students about life, fame, and mental health after screening her film Becoming Adomaa on Tuesday March 14, 2023, at 7:30 pm.

Nana S. Achampong: How does your “GhaNigerian” heritage define you?

Adomaa: It’s really cool to have dual nationality. Being Ghanaian and Nigerian is just that, my DNA. I didn’t grow up knowing there was any difference between the two and having lived in both countries for long periods of time, there really isn’t any cultural difference.

NSA: What were your dominant impressions of Ghana before you stepped foot here?

Adomaa: I grew up hearing Ghana was a more quiet, less chaotic version of Nigeria.

NSA: What was your biggest/weirdest fear?

Adomaa: I didn’t have any fears with regards to moving to Ghana. I was excited.

NSA: How has Ghana changed you?

Adomaa: Well, it was in Ghana that both my careers really kicked off, so I’ll say it really helped to discover and nurture the talents that are on display now.

NSA: How would you describe yourself today?

Adomaa: I’m a singer, actor and occasional model who is still evolving and growing everyday day.

NSA: What would be a good theme song for your life?

Adomaa: Masterpiece by Jessie J

NSA: got you into music in the first place?

Adomaa: It was very accidental. I had friends who helped me become confident about it and looking back, I’m glad they did.

NSA: What else are you naturally good at?

Adomaa: I’m quite good with some international accents.

NSA: Do you know of famous people who have had a mental illness? What have you learned from them and their example?

Adomaa: I’ve heard of quite a few. One big take away is that contrary to what you might think, you’re not alone and it’s okay to ask for help.

NSA: How would you define mental health?

Adomaa: It’s the psychological and emotional well-being of a person.

NSA: How does being a celebrity affect mental health?

Adomaa: I think there are aspects of being a celebrity that could affect your mental health but it’s very dependent on the celebrity themselves. People react to things differently. It could be the sudden switch into the limelight that could be jarring for a person. It could also be the lack of adequate preparation for all that the exposure comes with.

NSA: I’ve been told more than a few times that increased self-consciousness and paranoia are a celebrity’s natural response to the levels of intense scrutiny. And this makes them grow weary of the unrealistic standards they are held to, and they begin to feel resentful of the limitations of being in the public spotlight. Does this characterize your life of fame?

Adomaa: To a large extent, yes but I also struggled with adjusting to all of it.

NSA: Does it come as a surprise to you that many famous people have had mental illness? Why? Why not?

Adomaa: Not at all. I don’t think it’s healthy for anyone to have their lives open to a lot of strangers, the way most celebrities do. It can be very overwhelming and if one isn’t ready or prepared, it can destabilize them.

NSA; Generally speaking, do you think these celebrity artists would have been famous and made the contributions they made without having a mental illness?

Adomaa: I doubt it. I think that even with preparation, it could still take a toll on you.

NSA: Is it possible to be famous, mentally ill, and happy?

Adomaa: I strongly doubt that.

NSA: Now, let’s talk about you: how did fame affect your mental health?

Adomaa: For me, it all happened too fast, and I was not prepared at all. I was still trying to figure myself out so there was a lot I allowed myself to be open to that I wouldn’t have if I had a stronger sense of self.

NSA: What were some of the things you did to help deal with mental illness?

Adomaa: God, a change of environment and therapy.

NSA: Can one prevent mental health problems?

Adomaa: It’s hard to say. Life and its challenges can creep up on a person and change a lot. In my case, I wasn’t even aware that I was depressed until a lot later in the struggle.

NSA: What has inspired “Becoming Adomaa”?

Adomaa: Coming back into active music after being away for a while, it felt like I needed to share what had happened. Interestingly, music is the only way I can let myself be vulnerable enough to say some things.

NSA: What do you hope to achieve with this film?

Adomaa: First of all, I hope people understand it and then I hope it resonates, impacts, and helps to heal, soothe, or change perspectives, especially on mental health issues.

NSA: How do you live these days?

Adomaa: I’m just trying to balance being a musician and being an actor. So far, so good.

NSA: What is a full, balanced, fulfilled life to Adomaa?

Adomaa: Peaceful and successful careers, surrounded with love and being able to give back.

NSA: Anything you want to add?

Adomaa: I’m grateful to everyone that’s still cheering for me and supporting me. Hope to see everyone at the screening happening on the 14th of March at 7pm.

28 thoughts on “So far, so good – Adomaa

  1. Reading from the responses of Adomaa one can tell she is very intelligent and a good communicator. She is worth where her career has taken her to today and not at all a bad influence for the upcoming generation. Good job Adomaa

  2. Great interview with hardwork and determination the sky can not be your limit in becoming or achieving whatever one wants in life no matter the obstacles and challenges life throws at you. All you need is to focus and concertrate on your altimate goals and your destination in life and as the saying goes Life Is a Journey. Adomaa was able to pull through it all by putting in her very best not withstanding the many hard and difficult times. This interview says it all Once There is Life there is hope for everyone.

  3. The mental health factor is a critical one, to the extent if the exposure to fame by a celebrity is poorly handled, if the expectations of ‘fans’ and the celebrity are not properly managed, it can get very destabilizing for the artiste or actress.

    The more serious aspect is the stigmatization phenomenon that goes with mental health in Ghana. Kudos to Adomaa for not shying away from the subject matter (mental health) in spite of the fact that she had risen to fame and for the kind of society we have , the issue of mental disability could further undo her. Adomaa has braved the odds.

    1. Interesting to know she is a ‘GhaNigerian’. I didn’t know before. Adomaa has a unique voice, and she was in her class of her own, in terms of the genre of music she is doing. We miss her a bit, but we see her on the movie screens as well, that’s a great balance. Mental health taking a toll on the youth. It was MzVee, now her. We need to prioritize our health mentally. I hope her masterpiece resonates to that purpose for us all tonight @7pm.
      Young. Talented. Go-getter. Ambitious.

      Alexander Asare
      AUCC, Level 200 (Evening)

      1. Wow!! Before reading this article I thought Adomaa was all Ghanaian, i didn’t know she has a dual citizenship which is GhaNigerian and I am really glad she has gotten her life and career back.
        Akosua Jill
        Level 200

  4. There are a lot of celebrities who are struggling with mental health without knowing. I’m glad Adomaa was able to identify her struggles early on in her career and i hope she continues to take care of herself in all aspects.

  5. I admire Adomaa’s resilience, persistence and determination! I also love how precise her responses were, shows how good a communicator she is. In this part of the world, we take mental health for granted which shouldn’t be so! I’m glad she talked about it! I know she’ll go very far. Continue to shine like the star you are!

  6. I call this courage, you have really strived to be where you are today. Being an actress, a musician and a model at the same time is not easy. Keep believing in yourself for you will go places just be focused and know what you want. Go higher Adomaa

  7. Adomaa is very good communicator, l like her perseverance and resilience towards whatever she wants to do. And I think this what has brought her this far . One thing I have learnt from Adomaa is to take my mental health issues serious.

  8. Great interview. I have read it three times and can’t stop going over it agin. It’s really a motivational message. I have also realized that, I can do things on my own in Ghana. I will not give up. I am really impressed about her.

  9. It’s not easy to live your life after tasting fame. But Adomaa you have really done well by over come all this challenges and continuing with your career. I can wait to see you on the 14th March 2023.

  10. I can’t wait to meet Adomaa tomorrow. She is really an inspiration to the youth, ayekoo for the great she is doing.

  11. Its such a delight to see people like this reach for the stars,I think there is no limit to what one can do in this life. We have a whole lot to learn. Go on and big ups to u.

  12. Adoma, after reading her interview, is a very good communicator. I love the way, she went about her responses. Can’t wait to meet her personally on March 14.

  13. Adomaa is part of my childhood. It is fresh in my memories that my first crush Martha loves this song too.. #beginning again
    March 2022,anyone?

    Level 200
    Evening student

  14. Martha Boakye, level 200 Evening:
    Adomaa is a true definition of determination and self confidence. I like the hard work, zeal
    and persistency she put in what ever she does. You are an inspiration. Well done Adomaa.

  15. Adomaa is an inspiring example of how being true to yourself, embracing your uniqueness, and persevering through challenges can lead to success in any field.

  16. Adomaa’s success story is a great example of how staying true to oneself, embracing uniqueness, and perseverance can lead to achieving one’s goals.

  17. Lord! How I relate to her going into ‘hibernation’ for her mental health. Being thrust into an environment you’re not adequately prepared for can have devastating effects on one’s mental health, a problem not cared about in our present Ghanaian society. Glad to see her pull through. Rooting for her. 💜

  18. Adomaa represents the epitome of resilience. The interview bares it all.
    Looking forward to seeing the piece she has put together for screening tonight. I am in anticipation to see her in person to talk on Mental Health especially, it is a silent killer for many, a people.

    Millicent Opoku
    Level 200 Evening Student, AUCC

  19. This is timely
    Many of this celebrities are going through similar issues but most often because ego they find it difficult to accept or even speak about.
    When you become famous you’re attracted to so many fake people who are not really interested in your well-being, but am happy for Adoma for at least accepting and seeking for help immediately.
    A great lesson learnt

  20. Overcoming all the challenges and difficulties you went through and coming back strong is really something to emulate.. You are a good example to all and I say ayekoo to you strong woman

  21. Such a beautiful personality, you look so natural, you are simply amazing. This is what we need, more creative, content delivered in a form that stands out. You are just an excellent girl. I wish you the very best in your endeavours.

  22. Interesting. I didnt know Adomaa was born in Onyinyechukwu. Ooh so she is half a Nigerian…i see great voice Adomaa.

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