Afro Nova Radio Unveils New Management Team, Paving Way for Exciting Era of Leadership

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By  Sandra TETTEH

October 22, 2023, AUCC, Adabraka ACCRA: In a move set to redefine the landscape of campus entertainment and media, Afro Nova Radio at African University College of Communications, Accra, proudly introduces its new and dynamic management team. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge content and engaging its diverse audience on multiple fronts, the station is gearing up for an exhilarating journey under the guidance of its newly appointed heads: Vincent Anane, Vanessa Vanderpuye, E.B. Fayah and Leander Wotor.

Station Manager Vincent Anane

Taking the reins of the production department is Vincent Anane, L400, Strategic Comminucation, assuming the pivotal role of Studio Manager. Anane’s responsibilities include overseeing the production process for all Afronova shows, managing the production team, coordinating show schedules, ensuring top-notch quality control, handling budgeting, and spearheading the maintenance of studio equipment.

Collaborating seamlessly with other departments, Anane’s leadership promises a seamless and compelling production experience for the audience.

“I plan to get the entire student body involved with the new Afro nova radio and beyond, and other affiliate schools like ATU, UG, IPMC. Immediately, my plan is to fix speakers in all open spaces so our programs will be accessible to all”, promised the new studio manager.

Heading the Programs Department is the experienced Vanessa Vanderpuye, L400, Journalism, entrusted with curating engaging content for a variety of shows, managing presenters and producers, and orchestrating seamless interviews and guest appearances. Ensuring strict adherence to broadcasting regulations and analyzing audience feedback for informed programming decisions, Vanderpuye’s expertise promises to elevate the station’s programming to new heights.

“Afro Nova has been known to air shows that have more to do with news, entertainment and music. This time around we are going to have more diverse programs focusing on trending topics, sharing people’s stories, and inspiring others. Also Afro Nova is going to be releasing podcasts that our listeners can stream online. These podcast programs are going to be different from the ones we stream on air. This way we can grow our audience and reach more people”.

The Marketing Department is set to make waves under the leadership of E. B. Fayah, L400, Strategic Communication. Fayah’s responsibilities include the development and implementation of strategic marketing initiatives, managing the station’s social media presence, coordinating advertising campaigns, and leveraging market trends and audience data for effective outreach.

Programs Manager Vanessa Vanderpuye

Joining Anane is Leander Wotor, L300, Strategic Communication, who steps into the position of Studio Manager. Wotor’s responsibilities encompass the oversight of daily studio operations, management of studio resources, coordination of schedules, and the maintenance of technical equipment. With a focus on maintaining a secure and organized studio environment, Wotor is set to ensure the smooth functioning of the studio alongside other departments.

In the tech department, Prince Boussagou, L300 Visual and Digital Communication, assumes the role of Assistant Manager – IT, diligently troubleshooting technical systems in the studio, managing software and hardware installations, providing critical user support during operations, and staying abreast of emerging technologies. Working in close collaboration with other departments, Boussagou aims to facilitate a seamless technical experience for the station’s productions.

Jamil Issifu, L300 Visual and Digital Communication, takes charge as the Graphics Manager, tasked with the creation of visually captivating graphics for promotional materials, ensuring brand consistency, managing graphic assets, and designing captivating logos and branding elements. With a keen eye for design trends, Issifu collaborates closely with the marketing team to craft compelling visual campaigns that resonate with the audience.

Stepping into the spotlight is Lex Owusu, Assistant Manager – TV, tasked with managing presenters and producers, curating diverse show content, overseeing the production process, and maintaining quality and accuracy of the shows. Owusu’s role is pivotal in ensuring that the station’s TV offerings remain compelling and on point. Afro nova is working towards starting weekly You Tube shows.

In the realm of podcasts, Nana Yaa Gyemfua takes on the responsibilities of the Assistant Manager – Podcasts. With a focus on curating compelling content, coordinating recording sessions, and managing podcast distribution platforms, Gyemfua’s efforts will contribute significantly to the station’s diverse audio content offerings.

Marketing Manager E. B. Fayah

Overseeing the pulse of news and current affairs is Shirley Dankwah, the Assistant Manager – News and Current Affairs. Dankwah’s role involves news gathering and research, coordination of interviews and news coverage, precise editing and scriptwriting, and ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and objectivity in reporting.

Ivan Sharpe, the Assistant Manager – Sports & Entertainment, is tasked with managing sports and entertainment programming, coordinating high-profile interviews, researching and preparing content, and ensuring the quality and accuracy of sports news. Sharpe’s expertise promises to keep Afro Nova Radio at the forefront of sports and entertainment coverage.

Helena Lartey joins as the Assistant Manager – Social Media, responsible for creating engaging content, scheduling and managing updates, interacting with the audience, and analyzing social media metrics. With a keen focus on developing social media strategies, Helena collaborates with other departments to ensure effective cross-promotion.

In the realm of publicity and events, Kingsley Obeng, Creative Arts, takes on the role of Assistant Manager – Publicity & Events. Obeng’s responsibilities include coordinating promotional events, managing event logistics, collaborating with artists and sponsors, and crafting engaging social media content to bolster event success.

Lastly, Adil Iddrisu Mahama assumes the role of Assistant Manager – PR, entrusted with developing and implementing PR strategies, managing press releases and media kits, nurturing relationships with media outlets and journalists, and monitoring media coverage. Mahama will ensure that Afro Nova Radio maintains a strong and positive media presence.

Studio Manager Leander Wotor

With this vibrant and multifaceted team in place, Afro Nova Radio is poised to captivate its audience with top-quality content and an enriched radio experience. Expect nothing less than an enthralling and immersive journey with Afro Nova. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments from this award-winning trailblazing station.

Listeners are expecting a lot from the new team.

“Afro Nova should bring up new entertainment shows. The radio should be organizing programs like lovers day, afternoon blues, adadamu special and also educative programs”, suggests a L200 student.

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  2. A management that will be a force to reckon with I can boldly say. The Future of Afronova radio is indeed on the right path.

  3. Great Team.

    I was fortunate to have worked with these incredible talents during my days at Afronova — I surely can bet that, they are going to make Afronova great.

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