Behind the Waves: Vincent Anane Balances Radio Management and Student Politics at AUCC

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By Alex Asare

Afro Nova Radio has provided hands-on participatory and practical learning opportunities for students at the African University College of Communications (AUCC) since 2021 to harness knowledge and skills in the broadcasting industry.

One such student beneficiary is Vincent Anane, who started at the station as a sports presenter. After two years of hosting sports, and producing such popular programs as the campus political talk show ‘The Big Issue’, Anane has been appointed Studio Manager of Afro Nova.

I caught up with the L400 Strategic Communication senior who was just elected unanimously to occupy the AUCC SRC External Affairs Officer position. Following are excerpts from the interview.

Alexander Asare: What exactly is Studio Manager, and how do you combine it with your studies?

Vincent Anane: Studio manager must have organizational skills to run the space, take possession of studio equipment and other related materials. Basically, everything in the studio must be safeguarded and trusted in your care. Well, whilst I am in the studio, I am even practically learning on the job. So I would rather say it is an additional knowledge to my academic pursuit.

AA: If Afro Nova Radio could only play one song on repeat for an entire week, what song would you choose, and how would you handle the inevitable backlash from the students?

VA: ‘Together as One’ by the late Lucky Dube will be that song choice. The lyrics are impeccably deep and speak volumes, which are still relevant to the context of today’s problems.

Backlashes will come, just as compliments. Students will always have dissenting views on issues. You can’t control how they will feel about a particular issue, but certainly, others will also buy into that idea.

AA: What is your take on Student politics? I know you have just been elected the new External Affairs officer, how does it feel?

VA: Student politics is very progressive. It prepares you for future leadership roles. I am an advocate for people challenging themselves with every opportunity they come across by grabbing them to develop and discover themselves. Just as AUCC suggests, we ‘discover ourselves from here’. I am more than excited to be elected as the External Affairs Officer.

This portfolio will give me an urge in building my negotiating and interpersonal skills as I serve the student interest at AUCC, though the period is short to achieve so many things I would love to do. I am happy all the same.

AA: What’s the most scandalous rumor you’ve heard about a faculty member at AUCC, and did Afro Nova radio play any role in spreading or debunking it?

VA: This question is sensitively difficult. Rumors about faculty are enormous; we hear some on ‘sex for grades’, ‘favor for grades’, and the list goes on. It happens in any other university environments, where you see and hear all sorts of information. It is the rumor mongering nature of students we can’t do without.

Afro Nova like any other institution has its own house style in double-checking facts by not taking sides. We believe in credibility more than sensationalism and than mere speculations.

AA: If you were tasked with creating a reality show based on the lives of your fellow students, what would be the most controversial theme, and how would you ensure maximum drama and entertainment value?

VA: Firstly, i don’t have the entertainment savvy, so I guess I will be awful in coming up with a theme which will be controversial enough. AUCC students have a variety of talents ranging from music, acting, dancing among others, but merging them together and coming up with a captivating concept will certainly be a very challenging thing to do, I must confess.

AA: Have you ever considered using the radio station to organize a campus-wide prank, and what would be your ultimate prank idea if you had unlimited resources and support?

VA: I haven’t considered this, but it is very laudable. I will love to do it soon.  Before that, I will seek cover from the police…anything can happen, you know. Hahaha!

AA: What’s the most outlandish conspiracy theory you’ve come across on campus?

VA: Bizzare!  One will be female students sleeping around with lectures to ‘beautify’ their grades. I personally know some ladies who are breaking their backs to merit their respectable grades. I find these assertions very disturbing, as it dampens the spirits of these smart women. I am yet to hear anything outrageous about the male counterparts. Maybe, grades buying. It’s crazy, you know, the things we hear on campus.

AA: If you had the chance to interview a notorious international figure on Afro Nova, who would it be, and what controversial question would you ask to make headlines worldwide?

VA: Donald Trump will obviously feature. I would love to have him on Afro Nova radio. The question of ‘his reaction during his legal battle’ will give me that headline. His facial expression alone will be enough.

AA: Would your radio have a role to play in the forthcoming national elections 2024?

VA: This process is already a considerable initiative we are planning on taking up. Afro Nova would like to let AUCC students have a taste and feel of campus-driven national politics by serving them with updates on proceedings of the 2024 elections.

AA: Thank you very much for your time, it has been valuable and insightful.

VA: Thank you for having me. I loved every moment spent with you.

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