Beyond the Stereotypes: How Ghanaian Girls Make 6-Figure Incomes on Snapchat

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By Lawrencia Nyarko.

In a digital era where social media platforms have become lucrative opportunities for income generation, young Ghanaian girls are turning to Snapchat as a means to make money quickly. Snapchat’s wide reach and interactive features has emerged as a popular platform for the enterprising individuals to showcase their talents, connect with potential clients and offer services.

Dulcie Boateng, Naa Ameley, Sarah Lawson, Hajia Bintu, Eyram, Maame Yaa and several young girls in Ghana between the ages of 21-26 years say they have generated enough income from their activities online to acquire properties, vacation abroad often, and live the luxury life.


Many Ghanaians have the perception that influencers on Snapchat use various seedy means to earn online. The assumption is that the vast majority of them indulge in inappropriate activities such as creating ‘Fans-Only’ accounts where they ‘perform’ for payment from viewers, or offering ‘private’ entertainment for rich men in return for a piece of the good life.

It is however important to recognize that influencers are also individuals and treat each of these young women as unique.

Now, get ready to be amazed as we dive into the world of young Ghanaian girls using Snapchat to make serious cash! From virtual consultations and adverts. These girls are turning their online presence into a money-making machine. Join me as we discover how they are hustling in the digital realm.

Snapchat, known for its ephemeral nature, it is primarily a photo and video-sharing platform.

These young Ghanaian influencers are talented, creative, and have a unique perspective to share. They use the platform to showcase their skills, advertise and promote products, entertain and inspire others. Don’t only believe the false narrative; give them the benefit of doubt and you might be pleasantly surprised by what these young ladies do.

Sarah Lawson for instance is an entrepreneur and influencer. She is into clothing/fashion. She has 90k active followers on Snapchat, raking in millions a year.

Dulcie Boateng is another influencer and entrepreneur, who has over 120k followers. Her skincare products hustle allows her to travel the world. Naa Ameley is a content creator, entrepreneur and an influencer. Her active followers are about 100k which she parlays into directing cash into her bank account.

And then there are the not so huge ones such as Kate Maame Yaa Boateng. Maame Yaa is a popular Snapchat influencer. The Oda (ER) native is 24, and a final year Business Administration student at UPSA. The eldest of three siblings has garnered a cool 8.5k followers on Snapchat that translates to tens of thousands of cedis every month. Here, she shares how she engages content strategies to lucrative brand collaborations.

“I started Snapchat in 2018, where I was just a regular girl having fun on the app and interacting with others. I loved taking pictures, so, all I did back then was to post my pictures on my snap story. Mostly, I got people to constantly ask where I got my dress, wig and shoes and accessories from”.

She creates engaging and entertaining videos with sound. The more views and engagement her snaps receive, the higher her potential for earning.


Before long, Maame Yaa said vendors started bringing her stuff like wigs, dresses, accessories, and shoes to wear and promote by taking pictures and tagging the brands on her snap story.

Maame Yaa

“Funny enough, I did all of that for free. Everything started for me in 2020, during the lockdown. I realized I had to do something for myself while everyone was doing nothing at home. I came up with ‘Demonstrative Ads’ where vendors sent me samples of their products to advertise for them. But this time, it was [for] a fee – I charged 800GHS then. They had a lot of buyers through my advertisement and that’s how I started influencing and selling”.

Today, Maame Yaa has grown her audience, and added location and flyer ads to her trade. Her prices for advertising other people’s products have therefore significantly increased.

“Now, I charge 6000GHS for demonstrative ads – which last for a month – and I have about 20 customers who pay me every month. I also do flyer ads. I charge 500GHS (for 24 hours on my snap story). All they need to do is send a flyer of the products for me to post”, she explained.

With incomes coming from these streams, Maame Yaa makes at least 130,000GHS every month.

“Through this, I have been able to acquire a two (2) bedroom semi-detached houses, a Honda civic, and I travel once every year for vacation.”

Like her counterparts Dulcie Boateng, Naa Ameley, Sarah Lawson, Hajia Bintu, and Eyram, Maame Yaa believes Snapchat is the new best way to make some cool money only if you would be serious and be focused in making it happen.

“If you really want to make money on the app, focus on things that interest you and be serious about it. I’m a happy independent young lady with the help of Snapchat”.

In a world where digital platforms are continually evolving, these young women have demonstrated that with the right mindset and creativity, Snapchat can be a powerful tool for income generation.

3 thoughts on “Beyond the Stereotypes: How Ghanaian Girls Make 6-Figure Incomes on Snapchat

  1. This is interesting to learn since most of us never knew Snapchat could be a source of making extra income. This is very enlightening

  2. Such a story. It’s inspired, and it tells us some of the benefits of using social media. It’s not only fo ‘bad’ things but it can help us improve in society 🥰

  3. Wow. I have an account on Snapchat buh never thought of the financial benefits I could inherit there cos I mostly think it’s girls “stuff” as the story narrates. It’s high time I start using these social media platforms wisely to enlighten my products. This is not just an interesting story, instead an educated narrative or pitching and trust me your investors will be proud to hear such an amazing marketing strategy. Thank you.💯👏

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