Born to Model: Secretive Becky is Ms Malaika 2nd Runner Up

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By Ellen Gyimah @EllenGyimah8

Adabraka, ACCRA. November 18, 2022: With her hands placed beautifully on her waist, she walks majestically on the stage with a broad and natural smile growing on her pretty face and showing herself humbly to the audience.  She effortlessly answers every question thrown at her by the judges. She shows no shyness, nor fear nor apprehension from the noise from the audience yelling her stage name. Meet Rebecca Abraham, otherwise known as “Becky” on this season of the Miss Malaika beauty pageant/reality show.

After 13 weeks of friendly competition, education, unpredictabilities, evictions, cheers, tears and pure joy, the decision on who wears the Emerald Crown at the 2022 Miss Malaika reality show finale came down to one night, on Saturday, November 12.

The Grand Arena played host to the final delegates, where a queen was crowned. It was an outpour of raw intelligence, display of pure talent and presentation of finesse in class. She did not become the Emerald Queen. She did not walk away with the car, the cash prize and the bragging rights of Miss Malaika Emerald Queen. After all was said and done, Becky was pronounced Miss Malaika 2022 2nd Runner Up.

The AUCC final year student has always dreamt of being on a huge platform as a supermodel against the wishes of her parents. And so when the opportunity came, she jumped at it.

“I love ladies on stage modeling. I am always watching them and always wanted to try it one day. I don’t recall the age I started admiring them, but it was way back in basic school.” Rebecca started.

And so when the chance came, Becky nicodemously went for the Miss Milaika forms on the blind side of her parents.

“I discussed it with my sisters and a few friends and they were like, ‘lets’ try it’, so they were my target. I didn’t tell anyone about it…certainly not my parents. I’m a little bit secretive and I believe in the statement ‘finish it before the world knows’ so I gave it a try. And I was picked. It was during my audition that I told my parents. And they gave me their support”, she explained.

By nature, Ms. Abraham chooses the soft life, putting her comfort first, and trying to skip anything that is difficult and stressful. And yet her decision to compete in the Miss Malaika 2022 pageant meant she had to stay awake all night sometimes just to rehearse and prepare so she could deliver well on stage within a stipulated time.

To Becky, the most rewarding lesson she learned from Miss Malaika was time management and working under pressure.

“Sometimes I forgot my lines, but I realized that I do better than what I prepare for when I put in my own lines”, she remembers.

Rebecca Anraham may have lived all her 23 years in  Accra, but her dream is to empower girls in the rural areas. She believes every girl is unique in a certain way and also has a unique potential and therefore this year’s Miss Malaika 2nd Runner Up has a vision of establishing girl clubs in rural areas to empower girls into achieving what they wish to become.

And this passion is what drove her to take part in this year’s Miss Malaika.

It is this same dream that has compelled her to undertake the discipline of Development Communication at African University College of Communication (AUCC) to gain the skills needed to accomplish the change she craves.

“I just admire her self-motivation”, said fellow AUCC Development Communication final year student Ruth Aryeh. “I see her to be a quiet person because she is always by herself. Even when she was selected to be part of Miss Malaika, 2022, she was always in sun glasses so we would not see her face. I just admire her self-motivation”.

For the next twelve months, Rebecca Abraham will be combining her university project work with the demands of being a beauty queen.

Founded in 2002, Miss Malaika Ghana is the most prestigious, recognised and published beauty pageant in Ghana today. Organised by Charterhouse, the pageant has churned out several dozens of well-groomed and well-placed queens across varied industries from health to technology, finance to petroleum, construction to agriculture, broadcasting to tourism, and more. This has been 19 years of glitz and glamour, valour and values, enterprise and entertainment.

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