DEDEBAH: on the battle grounds training for apocalypse

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DEDEBAH the amazing indie female Hip Hop lyricist and a versatile musician was born Afua Bosompemaa Akuffo-Addo in this millennium. In the past five years, she has captured the hearts and minds of fans, fellow MCs and DJs alike with such tunes as Why, Edey Turn, Yewewekor, Sri Lanka, All About Myself, Remember, Stay True and the freestyle Kraxy Vibe Series online. Dedebah has battled with the best of them, chatted with any host worth their salt, and performed on the same stage with names such as Stonebwoy, Sista Afia, Shatta Wale, MzVee, and Kuami Eugene. Not bad for the girl from Agona Swedru. Dedebah just dropped her first EP, the self-titled Bosompemaa on her birthday February 20. Here, excerpts from an interview with Nana S. Achampong about the new release and other things.


Nana S. Achampong: What role does your mother play in your life?

D: My Superwoman.

NSA: What is it like to have her with you on the road?

D:  To me it’s the best feeling. Just like anyone else would feel having the best people in their lives involved in their career or what they love doing.


NSA: What’s the deal with Swedru and alternative music?

D: In the heart of the town is a reflection of a rap city in the 90s. Consequently you would find most youth in Agona Swedru in their early ages developing a musical talent or something [to do with] entertainment. That’s how come you’d find very promising Swedru artistes on the rise in the Central [Region] music scene.


NSA: What do you miss most about your days as Entertainment Prefect at Okuapeman Senior High School?

D: The way students and staff chant my name when I get on stage. It’s so overwhelming.

NSA: Is university important to success?

D: To have the privilege of studying in one of the best tertiary institutions in Africa, I’d definitely go for a “Yes!” University Of Ghana has influenced my music in diverse ways.


NSA: What got you into music in the first place?

D: My early childhood exposure to music and hip hop music videos. That’s what made me fall in love with the culture.

NSA: Who inspired you?

D: Family.

NSA: How would you describe your sound?

D: Creating a unique brand of conscious music and infusing smooth and authentic flair into contemporary hip hop and worldbeat rhythms. A blend of Fante, pidgin and other African languages.

NSA: What is your creative process like?

D: It basically starts with the beats: that’s what spices up concepts for a record. Again, I’m a typical thorough writer so I would either freestyle or be very conscious in my creative process. You would usually find me jotting my first lines in ridiculous ways like while changing my niece’s diaper and she starts gurgling. That could be a whole album concept for me. It’s just a matter of having my lyrics together before or while I hit the studio and put it on a record. Crazy, right?


NSA: Dedebah: what’s the idea behind the brand?

D: Selling authenticity to the world, my true self, good music and Africa.

NSA: How has the experience been like as a female rapper in a male-dominated industry?

D: Kill time all day. Just been like a lifetime training on the battle grounds towards an apocalypse.

NSA: Who would you MOST like to collaborate with?

D: I love Rihanna. And every great artiste that has inspired me one way or the other.

NSA: Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

D: Yes, a few times. It’s a normal thing with any profession that that has to deal with crowd. Every audience has different moods and attitudes and it’s how you control them at a point. Once I got used to it, problem solved.


NSA: What is your biggest/weirdest fear?

D: Telling y’all my biggest fear.

NSA: What super power would you like to have?

D: To be able to time-travel.

NSA: What would be a good theme song for your life?

D: Ryan Shupe – Dream Big.

NSA: How do you spend your private moments?

D: Watching movies, sleep.

NSA: Which film star would be the most exciting to meet?

D: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

NSA: What’s a body part that you wouldn’t mind losing?

D: Toes.

NSA: Do you sing in the shower?

D: Yes! That’s so habitual.


NSA: The debut EP, the five-track #BOSOMPEMAA (Thousand Goddesses) was released on your birthday February 20: talk about it.

D: Dedebah decided to call her EP “Bosompemaa”. It’s a project dedicated to my grandmother whom I was named after. “Bosompemaa” translates to “Thousand Goddess” in English. My face lit up with a wide grin on the official artwork as the representative image of my brand. This project means a lot to me. The primary message of this body of work is to send love to every strong woman out there “Always know that you are a true Queen. Keep rocking”!!!

NSA: Have fun with it. What was the creative process?

D: I had this ‘Have fun with it’ line ringing in my head a night before hitting the studio. Basically had no concept so while in the studio the next day I found a beat on the PC and history was made. Che Che Chee!! It was magic


NSA: In one sentence, what will you tell a 10-year old version of yourself?

D: Never give up!

Instagram: @ammdedebah

Twitter: @ammdedebah

Facebook(Account): Amm Dedebah

Facebook (Page): Dedebah

YouTube Channel: Dedebah


2 thoughts on “DEDEBAH: on the battle grounds training for apocalypse

  1. Imagine going on the road with your mother, “my Superwoman.” That would be such a wonderful feeling, for both women.

    Wonder if this young artist is related to the President. I like her style and now I will go hunt out some of her music. Must say, though, the idea of ‘selling authenticity to the world’ is a noxious Babylonian concept that should be left by the roadside in my opinion. As soon as you start to sell it, it is no longer authenticity.

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