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By Patricia Gyamfi
Adabraka, Accra. November 16, 2021
Many students expect their lives to be paradise when they step out on their own as adults in college. They envisage living free of their parents’ tyrannic reign, curfews and countless “house” rules. But sometimes our assumption becomes totally opposite to the reality on campus.
African University College of Communications is a leading private university in Africa. The core values of AUCC are Critical and Independent thinking, Creativity and Innovation, Embracing African Cultural Values, Service to the Community and Respect for Ethics and Integrity. It aims to help students discover their selves and become powerful communicators in the world.
Life on AUCC campus is not as easy as people anticipate it to be. AUCC campus exposes us to new experiences and things that we were not familiar with earlier.
Unhealthy student politics is one of the experience you will be exposed to. This is in spite of the fact that participation in active politics leads to all-round improvement of an individual and is probably the best way of learning human and social relations. A politically active student becomes smart and strategic in his actions.
The political parties are creating groups and mobs among the students. The college or university elections appear more like mob wars. A lot of money is spent on school politics.
Despite our past experiences, we nonetheless socialize with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This is relevant to students on the AUCC campus as it encourages them to accept different cultural views from their colleagues. Apart from socialization, this also assists in stress release and builds reasonable connections among students on and off campus.
Again AUCC exposes a student to different fashion senses. It is exciting to see how peoples dress in different styles to attend lectures. The absence of a strict dress code for students reflects in students dressing to suit their culture. Some fashion styles are worth looking at while others do not inspire. Some are funny and others are remarkable. It is likely to see girls in tight pants exposing some skin while guys are mostly in sneakers and jeans.
The social dynamics on campus, some hunger, issues with fee payments, the night studies, endless assignments, class quizzes and presentations, thesis, mid-semester exams and final semester assessments, resit and the many many more are just a few of the stressors on AUCC campus. To students, these unbearable experiences are the first taste of living the real life.
This makes it the more enjoyable when such cherished events as Karibu Night happens once a semester. Students see this as an activity that takes away stress and boredom on campus as it offers them a space to unwind. Everyone welcomes other course mates with open arms and also make new friends.
In conclusion, it is fair to say that campus life at AUCC is a combination of different vibes mixed together: it stretches several lessons and shapes students into understanding the world as it really is.

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