Meet Noah daCosta: This Creative Makes Jaded Locals Fall In Love With Melbourne Again

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If you’re a trendy person who is all over Tiktok and Insta, and you’re searching for all the best hiking spots and places to eat in Melbourne (Australia), you may come away thinking that you’ve seen all that it has to offer. Whether it’s the pretentious latte art, the dankest smelling thrift stores or the photogenic cafes with the most expensive mid-food out there, Melbourne is a well-documented city that many love to share their experiences of. But what often gets left out of capturing the city is its unique underground subculture.

Noah daCosta is a Ghanaian-Caribbean creative living in North Melbourne. Having moved around the world from a young age while also being from a creative family, Noah was inspired to capture art, minds, moves and people of Melbourne through discussions, interviews and conversation and has been doing so ever since.

He runs a small platform called Bourne & Bred dedicated to highlighting the Melbourne artistic scene and culture. It was created by himself and his sister Jesse daCosta in 2017 who upon discovering the music and art scene of the city, dove right in to take part in and celebrate it, after having moved to Melbourne in 2012. On Bourne & Bred, Noah and Jesse interview smaller creatives and highlight Melbourne’s greatest export – its unique creative culture.

This Creative Will Make Even The Most Jaded Locals Fall In Love With Melbourne Again
Image: Noah & Jesse daCosta

Noah also has a background in Media and Music, is a videographer at his local Church and is a volunteer at a Radio station where he gets to dive right into Melbourne’s growing music and art scenes.

We asked Noah about his journey highlighting parts of Melbourne that might go unnoticed and underappreciated and why he loves doing what he does.

Hey Noah, can you tell me a little about what you do? How did it all begin? What’s your superhero origin story?

I’m an interviewer, radio presenter and videographer by trade, but I also love writing poetry, rapping and performing among several other things. My journey creatively begins with my parent’s influence.

Why did you and Jesse start Bourne & Bred?

I remember us individually and collectively falling in love with the Melbourne creative (particularly music) scene when we were fresh out of uni. Prior to that, we had little to no awareness of the culture and creativity that Melbourne had to offer, but once we found it, we had to uplift it in the best way we knew how which was through discussion and conversation.

This Creative Will Make Even The Most Jaded Locals Fall In Love With Melbourne Again
Image Credit: Joshua Sim

You’ve lived in a lot of different places throughout your life, from the UK to the US, before moving to Australia around 10 years ago. How do you think this experience, being immersed in so many different cultures, has inspired the work that you do today?

It’s been hugely foundational in guiding me to my work now. Moving around in such a way at such a young age exposes you to the mechanics of how people move and interact. It highlights both the profound differences and similarities between people and for me, deepened my curiosity about people and why they do what they do. The term “don’t judge a book by its cover” is one that has grown more and more poignant with each passing year.

What do you wish you’d known before you started your own business?

I wish I’d known earlier that being delusional is the best way to approach your passions. If I had known that my “hobby” would’ve led to some of the opportunities I’ve had now, perhaps I could’ve spent less time in self-doubt in the past. Still, I’m glad I’ve had the journey I’ve had.

What does chasing your dreams mean to you?

Chasing your dreams means treating your hobbies, passions and desires seriously, not just as something to supplement what society wants you to do. I’m at a point where I see no other option for me other than creative media.

Are there any “pinch me” moments you’ve encountered throughout your career?

Earlier this year, Converse selected me along with 29 others of the international All-Star community to an all-expenses-paid week in Sydney to create a showcase for Tyler, The Creator. We got to speak directly with him, as well as create with creatives from all over the world. I still can’t believe I got to experience that.

What’s next for you?

For me, next is more creating content, primarily through radio, interviews, hosting/presenting and Bourne & Bred. I’ve had an amazing year trying out as many endeavours as possible and now I’m ready to zone into my own work as an interviewer and personality and make my mark, in and for Australia.

This Creative Will Make Even The Most Jaded Locals Fall In Love With Melbourne Again
Image Credit: Joshua Sim

If you’d like to check out Noah’s Bourne & Bred podcast and see follow Melbourne’s booming underground art scene, click here.

Image: Noah daCosta & Tyler, The Creator


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