PAHM Founder visits Brazil

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From PAHM Secretariat

Founder and Executive Chairman of the Pan African Heritage Museum (PAHM) Kojo Yankah is scheduled to address Brazilian government officials in the Culture Ministry and a number of cultural institutions in the country during his visit to the last country in the Western Hemisphere to end slavery (in 1888) and the country to import the largest number of enslaved African slaves.

Mr Yankah, who also founded the African University College of Communications in Accra, is in Brazil this month at the invitation of the country’s PAHM Chapter, the Palmares Foundation and CULTNE Institute.

Brazilians of African ancestry, according to the first national census of 1872, represent more than 65 per cent of the country’s population. Afro-Brazilians have therefore left a disproportionate imprint on the culture and economy of the South American nation.

A section of the members of the diplomatic community during Mr Yankah’s presentation

Last Monday May 8, he did a presentation on the Pomadze-based Pan African Heritage Museum to about 40 diplomats at the Residence of Ghana’s Ambassador to Brazil, Professor Abena Busia, who is also a member of the Academic Council of PAHM.

In 2022, PAHM became the first museum to launch its virtual version before a physical facility. The physical version, like the online version, will be the only museum in the world with a mission to tell the truth about the African origins of humanity and the impact of great African empires on the development of civilizations in the rest of the world.

The Pomadze, Ghana, site was deliberately chosen as the location of the unique museum complex—beyond galleries—where the world will experience a new education, new healing and a new inspiration.

Among other activities in Brazil, Mr Yankah, accompanied by his wife Nana, will visit various museums and universities.

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