Pure Earth Ghana Marks International Women’s Day with a Focus on the Dangers of Lead Poisoning to Maternal Health

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Accra, Ghana – 4th March 2024 – In alignment with the global observance of International
Women’s Day, Pure Earth, Blacksmith Initiative Ghana dedicates this year’s International
Women Day to highlighting the critical but often overlooked issue of lead poisoning and its
detrimental impacts on maternal health. With this year’s theme, “Invest in Women: Accelerate
Progress,’’ Pure Earth Ghana aims to underscore the urgent need for awareness and action
towards safeguarding the health of mothers and their unborn children from the dangers of lead

Lead poisoning remains a poignant threat to maternal and fetal health, contributing to a range of
adverse outcomes, including miscarriages, premature births, and developmental issues in
newborns. Pregnant women exposed to lead are at significant risk, as lead can cross the placental
barrier, affecting the fetus during a critical period of development. According to the World
Health Organization (WHO), no level of lead exposure is considered safe, particularly for
pregnant women and young children, making the removal of lead exposure sources a public
health priority.

Pure Earth Ghana’s International Women’s Day initiatives are aimed at raising awareness among
women, families, and communities about the sources of lead exposure and the simple, effective
measures that can be taken to minimize risk. “Our goal is to empower women with the
knowledge and resources they need to protect themselves and their children from the invisible
threat of lead,” said Esmond Wisdom Quansah, Country Director of Pure Earth Ghana.
The fight against lead poisoning is particularly urgent in Ghana, where sources of lead exposure
are widespread, including from informal battery recycling, lead-based paints, and contaminated
soil, etc. Pure Earth Ghana calls upon government officials, industry leaders, and community
members to join forces in implementing stricter regulations and cleanup efforts to tackle this
pressing issue.

Recognizing the power of collective action, Pure Earth Ghana will host a series of activities
which include the following.
Awareness and Education: Targeting the maternity ward at the Greater Accra Regional
Hospital, the initiative seeks to enlighten about lead’s hazards and protective measures for
mothers and children.
Advocacy for Policy Change: The campaign will reach out to policymakers, urging the
adoption of stringent regulations on lead usage and its environmental ramifications.
Public Awareness Campaign: Launching on social media with the hashtag #LeadFreeGhana,
the movement invites public engagement and media interaction to broaden its reach.


Community Collaboration: In partnership with Ghana Health Service (GHS), the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and community leaders from the Ashaiman
municipality, awareness about toxic metal pollution’s threat to maternal health will be amplified
through community gatherings. “Together, we can create a safer, lead-free environment for our
mothers and children,” said Nana Agyei Sikapa Ofosu-Manu, Communication officer of Pure

Pure Earth Ghana urges the media, influencers, and public figures to lend their voices to this vital
cause, amplifying the call for action on social media with the hashtag #LeadFreeGhana and
beyond. By focusing on the health and well-being of women, we lay the foundation for a
healthier future for all Ghanaians.

About Pure Earth Ghana

Pure Earth Ghana is a leading non-profit organization committed to addressing pollution and
environmental health risks in low- and middle-income countries. With a focus on solutions that
reduce exposure to toxic pollutants, especially among vulnerable populations such as pregnant
women and children, Pure Earth Ghana collaborates with local and international partners to
prevent pollution-related diseases and promote sustainable, pollution-free communities.

For more information, visit pureearth.org or follow us on social media handles.

Esmond Wisdom Quansah
Ghana Country Director
Pure Earth, Blacksmith Initiative

For media inquires, please contact:

Nana Agyei Sikapa Ofosu-Manu
Communications & Media Relations
Emai: nana@pureearth.org
Tel: +233558182560

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