To Establishing a One-man TV Station, You Must Be Individualistic – KofiTV CEO

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By Sylvia Mensah @SylviaM48035368

Discovery House, Adabraka ACCRA. November 7, 2022: A Ghanaian journalist and founder and CEO of Kofi TV has said that students should be independent, individualistic and creative to be able to do things on their own because the world is moving to a digital world.

Stephen Kofi Adoma known professionally as Kofi Adoma Nwanwani, who is also a trained teacher and philanthropist said this when he met with the African University College of Communications journalism student on the topic ”How to be a one-man TV station“ on November 7, 2022.

He said for one to be able to be a professional journalist today, one must be able to do virtually by themselves everything that a crew of professional journalists can do.

“Media houses are employing people who can handle the phone, who can handle the camera, who can do sound, who can stand before the camera, people who can do a lot of things“, he said.

He said to be able to establish a one man TV station, a journalist must therefore have a thorough understanding of how to operate a smart phone, including how to edit, download, and be able to send news quickly because fast efficiency is what’s driving the world right now.

He therefore advised that it is important for students to be able to “change the system and be more creative, and individualistic in order to seize opportunities like creating their own TV stations for themselves and not wait to get employed before they start working”.

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