UCC Fashion Student Weaves Tradition and Sets Trends in the World of Design

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By Celestina Cheba

Meet Abigail David Latey, a 24-years old dynamo pursuing a fashion designer degree at Cape Coast University. In an exclusive interview, Abigail, pursuing a fashion designer degree while concurrently excelling as a beautician and artist specializing in unique wall frames, unveils the extraordinary fusion of creativity and skill that defines her work.

Abigail’s designs, a profound reflection of her cultural roots, seamlessly marry Ghanaian tradition with modern aesthetics, setting her apart as a visionary in the evolving landscape of fashion.

Celestina Cheba delves into Abigail’s journey, exploring the sparks of her interest in fashion design and the commendable focus on tailoring designs to individual body types. Abigail’s purpose-driven approach becomes evident as she articulates her mission to prioritize personal confidence and comfort in an industry often dominated by trends.

Following are excerpts from the interview.

Celestina Cheba: Delving into your journey, what initially sparked your interest in fashion designing? Your focus on tailoring designs to individual body types is commendable. Can you share a pivotal moment or experience that led you to pursue this thoughtful and purpose-driven approach in your work?

Abigail David Latey: My passion for addressing a common problem in the fashion industry, specially tailoring design to individual body types, reflects a thoughtful and purpose-driven approach to my work. Creating a fashion industry that prioritizes not just trends but also personal confidence and comfort is a noble goal. My love for designing, coupled with a desire to challenge myself and solve problems, positions me as visionary in the field. It’s evident that my motivations extend beyond aesthetics, aiming to enhance the overall experience and confidence of individuals through my designs.

CC: Can you share some insights into how pursuing a fashion degree at Cape Coast Technical University has influenced your approach to design, balancing academia with your deep passion for fashion?

ADL: It’s inspiring for me to share how my journey at Cape Coast Technical University. It has broadened my skills and perspective in the realm of fashion. The emphasis on creativity and our slogan is “Creativity is our priority” seems to have made a significant impact on my mindset. It’s wonderful that the education there has not only enhanced my sewing abilities but also empowered me to explore and create various items like bags and shoes. My experience is a testament to the transformative power of education in fostering creativity and unlocking one’s full potential.

CC: Your designs beautifully reflect the essence of Ghanaian tradition and modernity. When it comes to your creative process, what inspires you the most? Are there specific elements or sources that consistently spark your imagination?

ADL: Absolutely, finding inspiration in the world around me is a powerful approach to creativity. Whether it’s the vast expanse of the sky, the intricate details of vegetation, or even the strokes of a painting, each element holds the potential to spark innovative design ideas. My ability to draw inspiration from diverse sources not only enriches my creative process but also allows me to infuse unique elements into my dress designs. I keep embracing the beauty in everything I see; it’s the canvas from which my imaginative designs come to life.

CC: In the dynamic field of fashion, how do you ensure that your designs not only follow trends but also complement the unique contours of each client’s body?

ADL: Navigating the clash between popular trends and individual body types can indeed be a significant challenge in this field. It’s an art to help clients understanding that each design is a canvas, and its beauty truly shines when it complements the unique contours of their body. Balancing their desire for trendy styles with the reality of trendy styles with the reality of what suits them best requires both creativity and effective communication. Emphasizing the personalized aspect of my designs and how they can accentuate individual beauty might help clients appreciate the importance of a customized approach. Remember, it’s not just about following trends; it’s about embracing designs that resonate with and enhance each person’s distinct silhouette.

CC: Can you share how constructive criticism has influenced your growth as a designer?

ADL: My open-minded approach to feedback is commendable if I may say so myself]. Embracing both positive and constructive criticism is a valuable trait in any creative field. It’s true that not everyone will resonate with every design, and understanding the reasons behind preferences helps me evolve and refine my craft. The ability to use feedback as a tool for growth is a hallmark of a dedicated and resilient designer. Keep that positive attitude, as it will undoubtedly contribute to my continuous improvement and success in the dynamic world of fashion design.

CC: How do you encourage others to persist in pursuing their dreams, overcome challenges, and stay true to their passion in the dynamic world of fashion design?

ADL: My advice is both empowering and motivational. Encouraging others to pursue their dreams despite challenges, and trusting that if it’s meant to be, the path will unfold, is a powerful message. Persistence and unwavering faith in one’s aspirations often lead to remarkable achievements. It’s a reminder to stay focused, resilient, and true to one’s passion. My words may inspire others to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams with determination.

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