Women in Media Must Stand Up and Take Charge – PPP Flagbearer

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By Faustina Appiah @Yhaa_Barnie

ALISA HOTEL, Accra – October 21, 2022: The Progressive People’s Party’s (PPP) flagbearer, Brigitte Dzogbenku, says it would be energizing if there was more room in the media space for women to support one another in politics. And so, she has called on women to stand up and take charge in the media houses where they work.

“Even if you are not being given a space, even when you are not given a chair to sit with panel on shows, get yourself a space “, she urged.

Speaking today on the second day of the West Africa Media Women Empowerment Conference & Awards, Ms. Dzogbenuku said the absence of women as hosts in media organizations’ morning shows is hurting the careers of women, especially those in politics and in the media.

She said when women see other women hosting or co-hosting shows, they feel more at ease.

“The first thing that hits me when I go to the media house is when they start talking about my appearance and my past in a beauty pageant, and that I was Miss Ghana 30 years ago. This is what the hosts of programs in media houses find relevant”.

The PPP flagbearer said that the obsession with her past and her appearance give radio listeners a different idea of who she is and what she stands for.

“Women leaders are mainly interested in the macro, not the little things”, she said.

She urged journalists to do their homework well, do more research, ask relevant questions, and quit toying with guests.

5 thoughts on “Women in Media Must Stand Up and Take Charge – PPP Flagbearer

  1. Yes Maa, we will stand up👌✊✊✊, our husbands and fathers too, should help us by putting a stop to this patriarchial mindset.😱😱😱

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